Madonna Interviewed On The Set Of “Dick Tracy” in 1989


This was filmed in 1989, but was not broadcast on Mtv until 1990, to time it with the release of the film, Dick Tracy. I was very much on the Dick Tracy bandwagon, and just like Batman I was the first in line at the local theater to see it. When I got there though, I was surprised to find that unlike at the opening of Batman, I was alone.

I had built the movie up in my head and totally bought into the hype. So watching it at the time was a crushing disappointment. Watching it now I can enjoy it. I don’t even think that Madonna did all that bad a job. Although at the time I might have been booing her as I sat along in a giant movie theater.


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2 thoughts on “Madonna Interviewed On The Set Of “Dick Tracy” in 1989

  1. Amanda says:

    I just watched this a few nights ago for the first time, I wasn’t allowed to watch it as a kid! I loved it, but I think as a kid I might not have appreciated it. I don’t care for Madonna, but she did all right. This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I actually just got done watching all 7 Batman movies, then watched this, and this to me was way better than any of the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher Batman movies!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This movie never did much for me. The sets were garish and impressive but the story and main actors were just too flat.
    The all-star mobsters had fun with it, but it just seemed an overproduced film with an undercooked script.

    I think I saw this in theaters too – could swear I had the promo book from the showing at some point – but have no other recollections (perhaps memories of boredom take up less space in memory banks).

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