DEVO’s “Gates of Steel”


Gates of Steel is from DEVO’s third album, Freedom of Choice and it is a gem on an album filled with gems. I am not sure when it happened, but one day I woke up and it was my favorite DEVO song, this was in the 1980s and while I love so much of their work, I go back to Gates of Steel time and time again. When I saw them in concert and they played this I was hypnotized and could not move the entire time it was playing. I was just so paralyzed with joy.

They also redid this on their EZ Listening Album (which I also listen to a lot when working on the site).


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4 thoughts on “DEVO’s “Gates of Steel”

  1. A classic – I like the EZ Listening version too.

    I discovered that album in an odd way. Years ago I was at San Diego Comicon, and when I learned that Mark Mothersbaugh was there too, I ran out to a nearby music store to find some Devo. So my EZ Listening Album CD is autographed by Mark. (There was also a girl at the convention who brought along a Pee Wee Herman doll for Mark to sign — which he did, and he also drew an extra appendage on Pee Wee.)

  2. The EZ Listening Disc easily gets the most play nowadays because it makes such ideal music while doing computer stuff. Sadly mine in not autographed. Nor is my Pee Wee doll.

  3. As far as general popularity this is one of the great unsung DEVO songs, but amongst true spuds, this song is almost universally loved! Insane synth beat, killer riff, classic devolution theme and Mark’s high-pitched warble-shout was in perfect form.

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