You Cannot Blame this Fight about Bad Breath on the Baby

I do not believe any other ad has used the line, “Come out in the open woman! I want to defend myself!” to sell toothpaste. But that is only a small part of what makes this ad from Colgate so wonderful. The real kicker is the overall theme of the ad. These parents are fighting and the baby is already aware enough (probably artificially aged from all this traumatic fighting) to realize that this particular fight is not their fault. Instead it is because of Dad’s horrible breath. Breath bad enough to cause a fight with exclamation points.

It makes me wonder how many times his long-suffering wife swallowed her pride and stood without complaint while husband spoke to here, his breath reeking of scotch, liver, onions and tobacco? Atta girl!


[via] Purple Slinky


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One thought on “You Cannot Blame this Fight about Bad Breath on the Baby

  1. This ad scares me. Does anyone else feel like this has a Twilight Zone vibe about it all? The child is the one manipulating the tension between the parents…are we sure this isn’t Anthony Fremont as a baby?! ;)

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