Happy Birthday, Phil Harris

Happy Birthday to Phil Harris. Phil Harris was a comedian, an actor, and a radio personality, he is best known (at least to me) for providing the voice of two of my favorite Disney bears, The Jungle Book’s Baloo and Robin Hood’s Little John.

Phil Harris passed away in 1995, but his spirit lives on in one of my favorite songs of all time.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Phil Harris

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Great as he was in the Jungle Book, he was even better on the Jack Benny program. Happy Birthday, Phil!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    A warm and soothing vocal presence in my youthful indoctrination of the wonderfulness of Disney, Phil Harris voiced one of my favorite characters in all moviedom: Abraham de Lacy…Giuseppe Casey…Thomas O’Malley…
    O’Malley the alley cat.

    Actually saw The Aristocats in its first run, where the adults were taken with riotous laughter over the smooth, Dean Martin-like nature and quips of O’Malley, as he discovers his newest conquest has an expanding brood as he speaks; as he meets the flirty geese ladies, as he jazzes it up with his fellow musical cats…and every second he was on screen.

    One of my earliest movie memories is missing O’Malley’s presence towards the end as the kittens go home.
    Then, as he and his jazz cats come to the rescue, and heroics and a last musical number ensues…well, I get forty-plus year-old goose bumps all over again.

    Yeah, Phil Harris brought his characters to life and made ’em friends with young and old.

  3. mwentworth says:

    One of my absolute favorite personalities; if only we still had to endure “that’s what I like about the south” today………

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