Remember the Casio Secret Sender 6000?


In the mid 1990s, right before the Internet was going to break big and mainstream, Casio released this diary/messenger device. I remember seeing this commercial at the time and thought, that thing looks useless, except the part with the remote control and that no one will want something like that. Now of course we all carry devices that do all these things and more, well except for the control any TV by remote control.

A technology visionary I am not.


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2 thoughts on “Remember the Casio Secret Sender 6000?

  1. Actually you can remote control TV’s with your phone. You just need the right app installed.

    Pretty cool product for its time. It predicted texting before cell phones had it.

  2. aLOONGtimeAGO says:

    I remember this all too well! I was just telling a good friend how ridiculous it costs to be “Santa” x4! The convo brought me back to 7th grade, when my sister and I NEEDED the Secret Sender for x-mas, hence found your post.
    I basically only used the remote feature!
    I had teachers and school staff so confused! I was constantly turning off and on the TVs in the class rooms or in the cafeteria…. adjusting the sound with the static channels when we were suppose to be watching an educational video or reading the weeks lunch menu. Ohh ALL the innocent fun we had with the Secret Sender!!

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