New Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Spotted these at the local Dollar Store, and had to pick up a pack for old time’s sake. After thumbing through the pack I gave them to my seven-year-old daughter, who found them hilarious. Some things really do transcend time.

Next I will introduce her to the Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon.

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4 thoughts on “New Garbage Pail Kids Cards

  1. Keep your eyes peeled at Wal-Mart and Target. They sell them in more-than-4-cards packs (8-10 cards I think, and Target does double packs) and they are even into a second series now.

  2. Man I love Garbage Pail Kids. I spent an entire summer buying them where ever I could. Does anybody remember how much they were a pack? All I remember is that I begged borrowed and begged some more to buy every pack I saw. My dad looked at me with disgust one week when I promptly blew a $5 bill all on Garbage Pail Kids. If he only knew…..

  3. Man, I wish I had my old binders full of GPK stickers. Those did not survive Mom’s wrath unfortunately.

    In case anyone is unaware though…while replacing vintage GPK cards can be expensive, the book out by Topps is a great way to browse through Series 1-5 artwork. I purchased both the hardcover and the eBook. The hardcover comes with unreleased stickers from the unreleased Series 16.

    There’s been 12 series of new stickers since the vintage stuff and it’s great to see it doing well.

    Finally, one of the main artists was Tom Bunk. He actually will make your very own custom GPK card.

    The one I had done is one of my most prized items. You basically give Tom a theme or an idea and he’ll run with it for you. He doesn’t like to be pinned down to very specific requests because then the piece is no longer fun or of interest for him to do. I picked Star Wars and was extremely pleased with my Farth Vader. :) I have to say, I LOVE the Ghostbusters and He-Man themed ones he did.

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