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The Retroist t-shirt is still available for those of you who might have missed me talking about it the first time around. This handsome shirt will make you the envy of all your friend and is only $15! What a bargain! I am taking PayPal for payments and I ship them out pretty quickly. They are available in all sizes except for Large (sold out) and we still have some XXL (which I have been assured is 2X as awesome).

If you are interested please email me at


The Retroist

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The Retroist is like a BBQ on a bun without the bones. You're only human daddy. Chomp!

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Very Own Retroist T-Shirt

  1. If only the “non-wearers” understood its power. Yes, it can be difficult dealing with the constant adulation, but the perks more than make up for it. I have yet to pay for a meal since I started wearing my shirt.

  2. Not only that, friends, but I haven’t had a vacation from work since 2005…got my Retroist T-Shirt and I immediately received a two week paid vacation. True story.

  3. mwentworth says:

    I almost missed this! Is there an XL? Will you autograph the tag for me?

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