1980s Man-E-Faces TV Commercial!

Images courtesy of He-Man.Org

Images courtesy of He-Man.Org

In my youth there were always a couple of brave Eternian warriors that He-Man could call upon during our adventures against Skeletor and his evil Masters of the Universe. When He-Man’s power harness (In the original mini-comics he possessed various power harnesses for specific missions) failed him in a fight he would call on the likes of Man-At-Arms, Stratos, Ram-Man, and of course Man-E-Faces.
Man E Faces - Backcard 3 - HeMan.Org
He-Man would have called on his ally Mekaneck as well…but Trap-Jaw shot him in the throat earlier in the adventure…there would be a massive memorial after the adventure so don’t worry.

Man-E-Faces was one of my favorite He-Man action figures and to be honest it was probably because he had a robot face.
Man E Faces - Backcard 2 - Heman.Org
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5 thoughts on “1980s Man-E-Faces TV Commercial!

  1. Spotted Feather says:

    I still have my Man E Faces. It’s sitting on my 80s dvd shelf right next to Stinkor…who no longer stinks….

  2. The legs rubber band actually broke on mine, but you can push the legs in and he still stands up. He and Ram-Man were a present from my grandparents and their sentimental value comes from it being a Christmas she was in the hospital. I forget why because I was really young. She came through it OK.

  3. Rick Doherty says:

    I am pretty sure I owned all of these except Zodiac. I remember you could play with them in the tub and fill there heads up with water.

  4. Spotted Feather, which did you think smelled worst? Stinkor or Moss Man?

    ShadowWing Tronix, I too have many memories of the Masters of the Universe toys I received from my Grandparents. On my birthday one year I vividly recall the morning when I received Castle Grayskull!

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