It was the 1970s and Fort Lauderdale was the Place to be in Florida

I found this ad in a bag full of vacation mementos my Mother had put aside over the years. It was pulled from a National Geographic from the early 1970s and was in pretty good shape. It was an interesting find for me because it might have explained why, when my family took our road trip to Florida in 1980s, we ALWAYS went to Fort Lauderdale. It was a great time, but I always just wanted to go to Disney World, which we did on the way back north, but Fort Lauderdale and its quality Howard Johnsons Hotel dominated our trip. Maybe this ad is why? I am not sure, but I can see why it would inspire vacation dreams and if it did I owe this little advert a debt of gratitude. Those Florida trips were magical for me.



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One thought on “It was the 1970s and Fort Lauderdale was the Place to be in Florida

  1. Ohhh, I remember that HoJos. We went every two years for my dad’s business trip. When the company paid, we stayed at Pier 66, but then we immediately moved to one of the 1000s of cheap motels on the beach called any number of similar sun- and sand-themed names. Good memories!

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