A 1986 Commodore Paradise

Here is another computer desk setup from the mid-1980s. This one features a Commodore 64 and looks to be perfectly suited for gaming (check out the joystick) as well as serious work.


[via] lorenztom

Dig the Monty Python pic and the Carter/Mondale poster.


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5 thoughts on “A 1986 Commodore Paradise

  1. Nice picture! I can also see a Commodore 64 300 baud modem plugged into the user port. I don’t miss 300 baud modems. Start a download, go to bed and hope it was done by morning or that the connection to the BBS was still connected. Good times.

    In this picture, I also notice a bunch of Polaroid pictures. I still own one myself but haven’t used it in years. I’m now wondering if you can even still get film for those :)

  2. John McCormick says:

    The Suncom Tac 2 joystick was pretty nice and durable but I favored the Wico joysticks.

  3. Hey! That’s the same kind of TV I used for my VIC-20. It’s a Sony Trinitron.

    They had excellent pictures and were built like tanks!

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