Saturday Frights: The Twilight Zone – “A Passage For Trumpet” (1960)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish film and TV! Those howls you hear from the creatures of the night need be no cause for alarm, you are safe down here with us in the Retroist vault! Us? Yeah, that’s the one and only Doug McCoy behind the concession stand and you can see the esteemed Daniel XII manning the projector. We also have good friend to the Retroist Claymation Werewolf as head usher and Phisbon3s in the ticket booth!

For your viewing pleasure this evening we present the 32nd episode from the first season of Twilight Zone entitled “A Passage for Trumpet” which originally aired on May 20, 1960. It’s a moving episode that deals with one Joey Crown, a down on his luck trumpet player that has succumbed to the sirens call of the bottle. Joey unable to obtain a gig at an old club he once played at is forced to sell the only thing that still hold meaning for him, his trumpet. In a state of despair he decides to end it all and steps in front of an oncoming bus…and being the Twilight Zone this is where his story truly begins.

The part of Joey Crown is magnificently played by Jack Klugman (Quincy M.E., The Odd Couple, 12 Angry Men), who would appear in a total of four Twilight Zone episodes. I find it hard to not watch this episode and not find myself getting a little choked up by its conclusion.

So come join us this evening for Saturday Frights as we once again visit the Twilight Zone and pay witness to ‘A Passage for Trumpet’.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Frights: The Twilight Zone – “A Passage For Trumpet” (1960)

  1. Not your usual scary choice for Saturday Frights but certainly an excellent episode of the Twilight Zone. And I agree on the conclusion.

  2. You are quite correct, MadPlanet! Of course if you think about the amount of Jack Klugman’s spit that was in that trumpet mouthpiece…that’s pretty scary if you ask me. Every once in a while I get that urge to just present the strange instead of the scary. ;)

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