Retroist Podcast – Episode 138 – Ms. Pac-Man


On this week’s show I talk all about the legendary video game, Ms. Pac-Man. I talk about the gameplay, its creations, ports, sequels and much much more.. I am joined again this week by Doug McCoy who has a brand new “Also Ran”

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7 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 138 – Ms. Pac-Man

  1. This podcast came at a great time for me. I’ve been on a Ms. Pac Man kick for the past 2 weeks. Going to town on Xbox 360; been stuck on level 9 for a week… And while I was waiting for my friend is get his concession goodies before going in to see “The Man of Steel” at the theater, I played Ms. Pac Man in their arcade.

    You know what else was cool? I had to leave the game prematurely to get a good seat in the theater, so I asked a group of 12 year olds if they wanted to take over. They all practically jumped at me. Nice to see that this generation of kids find Ms. Pac Man entertaining.

  2. This was a great episode.

    I love Ms. Pac-Man.

    Funny story. As I was driving, listening to this podcast, I went past the local billiards place that sells a few arcade games and they were wheeling in a Ms. Pac-Man for sale. I doubt my wife would go for it, we already have a Donkey Kong in the dining room, but man do I want that game.

  3. While I like Donkey Kong. I think Ms. Pac has a broader appeal. It is fun for the whole family! Plus nothing makes an arcade machine look cooler than another arcade machine beside it.

  4. Robert R says:

    Got a Ms. Pacman in the garcade. Put a multigame board in there and a new control panel so got lots of classic goodness. Mine has patterns worn into the wood where people would lean on the cab with the left hand while playing with the right.

  5. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Y’know, you could wear that Ms. Pac Man shirt today with no shame. Gen X’ers would probably want to high-five you.

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