Milk in Plastic Jugs? The Future is Now!

I cannot rightly remember when the quart sized milk jug made the jump from glass bottles/cartons to the plastic we all see so often today. I never second-guessed its design or presence, but according to Becker’s it was kind of a big deal. When they first arrived, did shoppers walk blindly past these new containers time and again, shaking their heads and saying, “where are the quarts of milk???” Finally in tears they track down the dairy guy who takes them over to these new space-age containers and their tears of impotence turn to sobs of joy as they finally realize that not only will they have milk, but that the much promised future has finally arrived.


[via] jbcurio


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5 thoughts on “Milk in Plastic Jugs? The Future is Now!

  1. ddsw says:

    One childhood Halloween, I trick-or-treated dressed as a robot. The handle side of the milk jug embellished with some magic marker made for a perfect robot mask.

  2. When I first read about the POGs craze (in Disney Adventure back in the 90s, lol!) they said POGs were milkcaps, which I thought were the plastic caps on these milk jugs, so I started saving them. They did not make good POGs at all.

  3. Nothing about quarts in here — just litres, because Beckers was Canadian.

    Another thing that’s big in parts of Canada and possibly not elsewhere is bagged milk. Four litres of milk comes in three bags. You drop the bag in the milk bag holder, snip the end, and pour. Is that something that’s done in the USA?

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