Late 1970s Subway Sandwiches Commercial


“When your hungry, make tracks for Subway!” What a great slogan. We did not have Subways in my neck of the woods until the late 1990s or if we did I never heard of them. We did have Blimpies though and I LOVED going there. Not for the food, which was okay, but because the wall had a mural of fanciful dirigibles on it. It was a magical place.

The sandwiches in this commercial look a lot like the Subway sandwiches we still get today.


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7 thoughts on “Late 1970s Subway Sandwiches Commercial

  1. Okay. This is weird. I JUST watched this for the first time yesterday (it showed up in my YouTube suggestions) and was just about to send it to you!!!

    We were watching in the office I’m in saying, “they had Subway then?”

    Retroist, do you have a brain wave scanner???

  2. Oh wow, I remember when they used to cut the middle of the bread out! I wonder why they stopped doing that, I thought it was the neatest!

  3. Yeah, they stopped pulling that chunk of bread out! I totally forgot they did that. It was SO much better that way.

    I’m going to ask the guy at my local Subway ALL about it.

    “Hey, you remember when you used to pull the middle out of the bread and then stuff it back in once you finish the sandwich? This was like, probably more than ten years ago.”

    Blank stare.

    “Uh…you want me to do what? Toast the bread?”

  4. I like how the shot of the female SUBWAY employee stays on just a second too long, just as she starts to tire from holding out the sandwich and her smile just starts to become less ingenious.

  5. John says:

    Gross, no gloves! Also, the song sounds like “When you’re hungry…get your ass to Subway…”. And it sounds like Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

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