Footage of the Tampa, Florida Fun N’ Games Arcade in 1990


In the late 1980s and early 1990s arcades were changing in a big way. I cannot say it was my favorite time in arcade history, but I still went to them regularly at this point. This footage shows how magical the arcade could still be as the 1990s came upon us.


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6 thoughts on “Footage of the Tampa, Florida Fun N’ Games Arcade in 1990

  1. John Hopkins says:

    I cant believe it. I worked at Service Merchandise and Electronics Boutique about the same time. This was a busy arcade back in the day we would hang out hours after work. I cant say I remember Ray but it is so cool to see an old stomping ground. I had a roommate who eneded up working at the same arcade (Charlie Rackowitz). This was about the begining of the home gaming systems (Super Nintendo, Sega, etc). Now thinking back it was a quick decline for the arcade because when my roomate work there I don’t remember it being that packed of games. When I’m in the malls now and see these very cheap game arcades it make me sad. Oh and this mall which was huge in its time is gone by the test of time.

  2. vinvectrex says:

    By 1990, we didn’t have any real arcades in my area. This video really captures the time period beautifully – I love that they started in the parking lot. Spectacular!

  3. Hey Gang!
    This is Ray, the guy in the video. I’m glad everyone likes the little slice of arcade goodness. remembering back to that day, I had a friend from St. Pete come over to that video for me (on her $900.00 video camera!) I had just started in the manager position ( had been at the Tyrone Square Mall in St. Pete as Asst Mgr.) Two things I would have done differently- had her walk slowly and show more games, and hit the left side and center of the arcade! But thinking back, I think the problem was battery life, as this video was a Mother’s Day gift to my Mom in New York, and I was taping the arcade and my apartment as well. And I agree the arcade was in a huge decline. we had already hit the wall as far as originality ( either games were a side scrolling mash- up, or a pre- Street Fighter style fighter (Kageki, anyone?) What I liked about my place was that the company used it as a storage unit for the classics- I know in that arcade, I had a Timber, Q*bert, Pac- Man, The Sinistar environmental unit I was sitting in (which I ended up buying from the company for a very reasonable $150.00!!) Burgertime (with the data cassette!) a Omega Race sitdown cab (kicking myself for not buying that one!) and a few more- ill have to think of those for another time! Well, I could go on all day, but I’ll end this by thanking everyone at the Retroist for posting this on their site- they were the reason I started mine! Thanks again and…
    Come check out my site if you get the chance!
    The Arcade Archives

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great video memory of Arcades in the 90s!
    Thank you Retroist!
    And thank you, Ray!
    Glad to hear from you after seeing this.
    Felt like I stepped into my own head and into the pleasure centers of my pixelized brain areas.

    Wish I also had vids of my old cabinet haunts.

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