Apple II Computer Setup in the Late 1970s

What I would not have done for a setup like this when I was a kid. As I look at these old setups, I am reminded of how little attention I pad to the size of my “monitor” for the longest time. I was just so pleased to have a computer running on anything, that it did not even occur to me to complain about how many inches of real estate I had. Now though, when I am forced to work on a small screen, I get very grumpy.

Some great Apple ephemera in this shot.


[via] Steve Jurvetson


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7 thoughts on “Apple II Computer Setup in the Late 1970s

  1. Things have sure changed from then to now, huh?
    I mean, today we can use our computer monitor to see broadcast programming by adding special hardware and installing an app or two.
    Then, all we had to do was turn the channel knob from 3.
    Hmmm, seems something’s been lost in our techno-evolution……

  2. angela(toao) says:

    Love the handle on top of the television…

    As an old grumpy person the love of smartphones blows my mind. My first monitors were televisions with their horrid blurry text. Then I had dedicated (tiny) monitors with tiny resolutions. Every generation the screen size and resolution grew and grew. Just around the time I was able to get a HUGE high definition monitor that dwarfs my desktop the iPhone was invented. And embraced.

    Now people with tiny, tiny little screens shake their heads in disgust at me and my grandma-computer. There’s no justice…

  3. Great picture… Most of the Apple ii’s I used were at school with the matching Apple monitors – did not realise people used TVs with them.

    Seeing all of the floppy disks reminds me how expensive disks were in the mid to late 80’s. Remember paying $5.00 for a single blank disk back then…. before they became more of a commodity….

  4. John McCormick says:

    I just recently sold an Apple IIe and Apple IIc complete with monitors and floppy drives. Ran out of garage space. But the time I played with them prior to handing them over brought fond memories of their hay days.

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