Would You Have Picked A-Team Or Gremlins Back In 1984?


Gremlins - A-Team - Bedding - Sears Catalog
We’ve pointed out before that the Sears Wish Book was a very handy item to have around back in 1984. You could spend your weekends trying to decide if your bedroom for the next year would be decked out in an A-Team theme or Gremlins. I would have probably gone with Gremlins myself…after a hard day at school I’d find much comfort with the images of Gizmo to listen to my woes.
Bedspreads - Sears Catalog 1984
The A-Team
Gremlins Bedding - Sears Catalog
Gremlins - A-Team - Sears Catalog

So which would you have picked?

8 Responses to Would You Have Picked A-Team Or Gremlins Back In 1984?

  1. Drahken says:

    Reminds me of the star wars (empire strikes back, I think) set I had back around 1982.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    That would be too hard to pick…

  3. TinTod says:

    That’s a tough choice, but I think I’d have to choose A-Team. I loved Gremlins too but having Gizmo on my blankets would probably have made me the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

  4. sjgeek89 says:

    I’m going to have to pick The A-Team, though Gremlins was pretty awesome but the A-Team set looks cooler.

  5. MadPlanet says:

    I pity the fool that doesn’t pick the A-Team bed spread!

  6. Amelyn says:

    I would have definitely picked the Gremlins set…

  7. DrNobody says:

    It’s tough… I would choose the A-Team, but the Gremlins sheets look cool too…

  8. VicSage says:

    I think the interesting thing on the Gremlins sheets…is the fact there is not one Gremlin located on it. Of course it might have made it hard to sleep if you had to turn over on the pillow every night and see Stripe grinning evilly at you. :)

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