Gremlins - A-Team - Bedding - Sears Catalog

Would You Have Picked A-Team Or Gremlins Back In 1984?

Gremlins - A-Team - Bedding - Sears Catalog
We’ve pointed out before that the Sears Wish Book was a very handy item to have around back in 1984. You could spend your weekends trying to decide if your bedroom for the next year would be decked out in an A-Team theme or Gremlins. I would have probably gone with Gremlins myself…after a hard day at school I’d find much comfort with the images of Gizmo to listen to my woes.
Bedspreads - Sears Catalog 1984
The A-Team
Gremlins Bedding - Sears Catalog
Gremlins - A-Team - Sears Catalog

So which would you have picked?