Empire Strikes Back poster

The Empire Strikes Back Hotline Recordings (1980)

A big thanks to Colby Widener for uploading this awesome collection of hotline phone recordings featuring the voices of Anthony Daniels, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and James Earl Jones for the then upcoming Empire Strikes Back.

This hotline was set up for subscribers to the Bantha Tracks newsletter to hear teasers concerning the story of the Empire Strikes Back. Thankfully for us all Craig Miller the then Director of Fan Relations kept his audio cassette recording and shared it with Star Wars.Com a couple of years back.

The hotline was set up as a toll-free call since it was intended to be something to drum up fan interest once again in the film series…it was so popular it brought AT&T down for several hours. Makes you wish you could still call and hear some of your favorite Star Wars characters today!