You Can Serve Anything on a Giant Bed of Ore Ida French Fries


This lately has a great strategy. Whatever passes through her door goes in the over and then she dumps it on a heaping bed of Ore Ida French Fries. Commercials like this and my obsessions with fast food fries made me beg my Mom for frozen fries whenever we went shopping. Unfortunately she never went for it and insisted we make our own fries at home whenever we wanted them. I missed out on Ore Idas, but I learned to deep fry foods at a surprisingly early age.


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2 thoughts on “You Can Serve Anything on a Giant Bed of Ore Ida French Fries

  1. We had a “Fry Daddy” which might as well have been called “Dedicated French Fry Cooker” because I think that’s all we used ours for.

  2. Max Power says:

    Wait, were they going to cook a giant turtle? I’m pretty sure the game warden would disapprove.

    Honestly, I was expecting to see one of the kids’ severed hands on a bed of fries.

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