Chevy Chase in Under the Rainbow

Throwback Reviews: Under the Rainbow

Earlier this week, Retroist forum regular and supporter Sean (aka “sjgeek89”) invited me to join himself and Steve Cherubino on the latest episode of their podcast, Throwback Reviews. On this week’s episode, the three of us review the classic 1981 film Under the Rainbow, starring Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, and 150 little people.

This picture does not convey how crazy this movie is. In the trivia section of IMDB, Carrie Fisher notes that this was “one of the worst movies she was ever involved in,” and Chevy Chase claims it was “one of the worst films ever made.” Maybe I re-watched it through rose-tinted glasses, but I did and still do enjoy this film.

I own two copies of this film, a previous rental copy on VHS and an early DVD version (which looks to be a full screen cropped transfer of the VHS version, and neither is as nice as this widescreen version which is currently on Youtube.

Throwback Reviews: Under the Rainbow

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