Electric Light Orchestra – Turn to Stone


I have been playing around with local radio stations on a new radio I have. One of these stations is an “oldies” and whenever I turn it on they are playing “Turn to Stone” by Electric Light Orchestra. I am not sure where the sudden enthusiasm has come from, but I have heard the song more often in the last week then I did in the last 2 decades. Maybe someone at the station is an ELO fan or maybe they are watching episodes of Doctor Who from 2006? I am curious.


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2 thoughts on “Electric Light Orchestra – Turn to Stone

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    I used to like ELO a lot.
    Then my brother showed me Xanadu…

    I still like them, but I get shudders now when I hear their music.

  2. My first & best experience with ELO was a compilation album of assorted bands, which included their ‘don’t bring me down” song. I actually rather liked xanadu, but the movie & the music, it wasn’t a great movie but it was an enjoyable one.

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