Zarzon (1981)

Zarzon also known as Satan of Saturn is a 1981 SNK/Taito arcade game that I have not only never played before but never even knew of its existence. Thanks though to Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston of the very enjoyable No Quarter Podcast who reviewed said game with their last episode because I have now rectified that mistake.

I didn’t dislike the game as much as Mike and Carrington did but I admit this was an incredibly difficult game, very unforgiving, and to be honest it seems to be a variation of Space Invaders with maybe a dash of Galaga thrown in.

Have you perhaps been one of the “lucky” few to play this title?

[Via] MAME Player

Zarzon 3 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Zarzon 4 - Arcade Flyer Archive
Zarzon 5 - Arcade Flyer Archive

Thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome flyers images you see above.


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3 thoughts on “Zarzon (1981)

  1. I’ve played Zarzon a couple of times (or maybe it was the Satan of Saturn version – both names are pretty wacky) and I remember liking it pretty well for an early shooter. Not great or anything but pretty decent – especially for an early 1981 game.

  2. That’s what I thought as well, my friend. Those dive bombing ships though…I tried to keep from getting pinned in the corners but to no avail. I still think it’s one terribly unforgiving game. :)

  3. Yeah that kind of reminded me of one stage on one of my old favorites called Astro Blaster where missiles fire down at you diagonally like that from one direction then switch and fire down diagonally from the other side. And back and forth a few times. You should check out that game if you’ve never played it. I’ve been looking for a real working one again for years.

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