Easily my Favorite Scene in War Games

I love the film War Games. Their is so much to enjoy on the screen. The arcades scenes, the stuff at NORAD, but the scenes between David and Jennifer where he demonstrates his excellence in his bedroom computer lair are easily my favorite.


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4 thoughts on “Easily my Favorite Scene in War Games

  1. Have always loved this film, and this scene. After I saw this, I was out at Gold Circle the next day looking to buy a modem for my Commodore 64. Thanks for revisiting this!

  2. Brian says:

    I have heard that the NORAD Incident (Nov. 1979) was loosely a basis for this movie. The NORAD incident, briefly, was that someone put a training tape into the system but did not label it as such and the US thought that the Soviets had launched 2200 [not a typo] missiles in a first strike. It took about seven minutes to realize it was a mistake but considering it takes less than 30 minutes for an exchange to hit targets… In those six minutes, about the only [luckily] response that was not put into action was launching the missiles we had. Scary stuff.

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