Airline Travel was So Much Cooler in the 1970s


I was stuck at the gate on a recent flight and started browsing YouTube on my phone. This ad was one of the first things I watched and while doing so I was struck with how much cooler flying was back in the 1970s. During that very flight they bathrooms would all break and people were in a whole lot of discomfort. This looks like it would have been unheard of the in the glamorous and luxurious 1970s with its buffet dining in 1st class and PUB IN COACH! I am sure their bathrooms never broke down. They probably had full showers and a hot tub in business class where you could schmooze with Buster Crabbe.


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7 thoughts on “Airline Travel was So Much Cooler in the 1970s

  1. Mills says:

    I like Hammond better in his role as Doug Simpson (“Something suddenly came up” football jock) in the Brady Bunch. Owww, my nose!

  2. The Cosmic Joker says:

    Hmmm. The inside of this airplane looks a little large for all of this action to be happening. Are we sure these people are in a Continental 747 and not the TARDIS?

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