That Little Coffee Shop in the Supermarket Parking Lot? It might have been a Fotomat

Their is a great photo group on Flickr that collects photos of re-purposed Fotomats. For those not in the know, years ago, when people still used film their were these cheery little film kiosks all across America where you could drop off and pick up your film. They were called Fotomats and they looked like this…

[via] Jim

[via] Jim

Now you might see them still, but they look more like this…

For more transformed Fotomats, check out the Former Fotomat Flickr Group.


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4 thoughts on “That Little Coffee Shop in the Supermarket Parking Lot? It might have been a Fotomat

  1. Cool to see them repurposed, but bummed that their original purpose is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I love all things digital, but things like Fotomats, door-to-door milk delivery, and enclopedia sets disappearing leaves me feeling depressed. Oh well, as long as the ice cream truck still comes around, I’m good :)

    *note typo in second sentence of post

  2. ddsw says:

    I worked at one of these in high school. It was a pretty decent job, when it was quiet I played heavy metal tapes as I read or did homework. The most frequent question I got: “Where do you go to the bathroom?” Answer: One of the stores in the strip mall let me use theirs.

  3. Cyclone Rider says:

    I remember when they were going to make a Die Hard sequel in one of those. 11 terrorists, 3 hostages and John McClane hiding behind the C-41 machine.

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