It was the 1978 Fantastic Four Cartoon “The Menace of Magneto” that Taught me to Pronounce Magneto Properly


I had a problem with this episode when I first saw it in a rerun in the 1980s. It just didn’t make much sense to me that Magneto was fighting the Fantastic Four. That aside, I owe this episode a debt of gratitude. Up until this cartoon, I had never heard the name Magneto pronounced properly. So I pronounced it “Magnet-O”. When I heard it pronounced “Magneet-O”, it blew my mind.


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2 thoughts on “It was the 1978 Fantastic Four Cartoon “The Menace of Magneto” that Taught me to Pronounce Magneto Properly

  1. I had a magneto action figure once (some secret wars thing, with an image changing shield), I had NFC who he was nor what secret wars was (I was not remotely a action/superhero comics fan at the time), I didn’t even know if he was supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy. I don’t recall how I pronounced his name at the time.
    When I saw the FF cartoon on TV, I rejected it because (I quote my childhood self) “those are comic characters not cartoon characters”, so I never saw this nor any other episode. (Interestingly, batman, superman, & spiderman were some of my favorite cartoons. While I did know that those guys had comic books, I percieved it as something that started as a toon & got a comic later, whereas I viewed the FF as something which started as a comic & then got a toon. It made sense to my childhood mind….)
    Interesting trivia: The robot character was used in place of the human torch because the human torch character was seperately licensed for use in a movie (which never got made). This is also how starfire (of spiderman & his amazing friends) came to be. It was intended to be an all-guy group, but the rights to the human torch were tied up, so they created firestar instead.

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