Saturday Frights: Tales From The Darkside – “A Case of the Stubborns” (1984)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish film and TV! Those howls you hear from the creatures of the night need be no cause for alarm, you are safe down here with us in the Retroist vault! Us? Yeah, that’s the one and only Doug McCoy behind the concession stand and you can see the esteemed Daniel XII manning the projector! Tonight thanks to the suggestion of Retroist Regular MadPlanet we have the ninth episode from Season One of the Tales From The Darkside entitled “A Case of the Stubborns”. It is based on the original story by Robert Bloch (Psycho, Night Gallery) and deals with a family that is trying to come with grips on the passing of a loved one…or the fact that the loved one passed away but is too stubborn to believe he has died.

This episode stars Eddie Bracken (National Lampoon’s Vacation, Home Alone 2) as Grandpa Titus Tolliver, he is the one with refuses to believe he has passed away. A 15 year-old Christian Slater (Heathers, Robin Hood) as Jody Tolliver and Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Independence Day) as Reverend Peabody. This episode is darkly funny and a little on the gross side to boot.

So come join us tonight as we visit the Darkside and learn how bad it is to have a case of the stubborns.
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4 thoughts on “Saturday Frights: Tales From The Darkside – “A Case of the Stubborns” (1984)

  1. I remember that episode pretty clearly, but I completely forgot that Brent Spiner was on it until you mentioned it. And I didn’t even realize the author was the same guy that wrote Psycho. Time to watch it again. Thanks Vic!

  2. Just watched this one yesterday. It is similar to a short story I read in which a stubborn guy somehow gets the power to make things he doesn’t believe in disappear. The problem is he has a split personality and stops believing in himself.

    BTW, I thought that kid looked like Christian Slater. This must be before he perfected his Jack Nicholson speech pattern.

  3. MadPlanet – Thank you very much for the suggestion, my friend!

    Doug – Was that from an Alfred Hitchcock collection as well because it certainly rings a bell…just can’t put my finger on it.

  4. Yes it was. I can’t remember the story title or author, but I remember it ended with the folks listening to the man take off his shoes in the bedroom. One shoe hit the ground, the other never did.

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