1983 Animated Popeye TV Commercials For The Atari 2600

Image courtesy of AtariAge.com

Image courtesy of AtariAge.com

I think I am in the minority but I believe that the Popeye arcade game by Nintendo is one of the best and that Park Brothers did a great job of porting it to the Atari 2600. I do not however recall ever seeing this animated TV commercial for the home version of the game.
The video is kind of blurry but this one is completely clear…and in French.
[Videos Via] Dig That Box RETRO

A big thanks as always to AtariAge.Com for the box art you see up top.


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4 thoughts on “1983 Animated Popeye TV Commercials For The Atari 2600

  1. So Popeye was one of your faves Vic? You’re right – I don’t know that I’ve ever heard someone refer to it as one of their absolute favorites. I wasn’t a huge fan but I didn’t exactly dislike it either – guess I was kinda lukewarm on it. I remember playing the arcade versions and I did have it on the 2600 too and I agree it was pretty good port. Regardless, the beauty of these old game commercials is that they are fun to watch even if you weren’t particularly crazy about the game being featured.

  2. Dar says:

    I played it on the C=64, and it was very fun, especially the music.

    Really wonderful commercial as well, thanks for posting it!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Played spinach-can-loads of Popeye in the arcade, so when the game was ported to the Colecovision, I had to have it.
    Indeed a fun game that ported well and kept me in the gamefield as The Sailor Man, winning the love of Olive and fighing off her brutish suitor Bluto, exactly as I had read and seen in the comics since I was born.

    I have a soft spot for well-delivered translations of cherished icons to the video game world.
    This is one case where any fan was well-served.

    And, yeah Vic, you can count me in on that minority.

  4. MadPlanet – Popeye is indeed one of my favorites…back in my youth it probably helped that no one ever seemed to play the game at our local Showbiz Pizza so I could be assured that I could get a few minutes play without interruption!

    Dar – Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the commercials. :)

    Atari – You and me, my friend. We not only can keep the Grid safe from the clutches of the MCP but we can make sure that Sweethaven village is protected from the Sea Hag and Bluto/Brutus. :D

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