Let’s All Go to Hunt’s Pier in Beautiful Wildwood, NJ


This is trailer for Hunt’s Pier that played in movie theaters in Wildwood, NJ in the 1970s. What I love about this short ad is that it captures the energy and optimism that I still associate with the Jersey Shore. It makes me want to load into the back of the family’s Oldsmobile and head down the Garden State Parkway for a day of rides, sun and surf.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s All Go to Hunt’s Pier in Beautiful Wildwood, NJ

  1. Chris X says:

    Wildwood growing up in the ’80s remains to this day, among my favorite memories of all time. This video was a little before my time, but still showed/mentioned some of the things I’m most fond of: The Gold Nugget, The Pirate Ship Skua, Jungleland.

    On a weekly basis, I find myself watching the myriad of videos that are on youtube of Wildwood in the ’80s. Hunt’s Pier, Morey’s Pier, the dark rides, the sounds everything. I can almost smell the air. I literally get caught up for hours at a time in these things.

    Spent a couple weeks down there the year I graduated high school (1994) and once the summer after as well, and that was the beginning of the end for me. Had a great time. Most of the things I held dear started disappearing around that time and shortly after.

    Wildwood today is depressing. None of the rides or attractions from back then remain (even the Gold Nugget, who’s gutted carcass lay standing guard over the boardwalk for years, was finally demolished a few years ago – They made a day of it, all of which was documented for youtube; I didn’t find out til after, otherwise I’d have taken a bus and paid my respects to the last remaining vestige of my childhood in that town)

    Watch the Tramcar, please!

  2. Michele says:

    Have you been there recently? I didn’t think it was depressing at all. I too basically grew up in Wildwood in the 80’s. As I got older it really started to go down hill. Hadn’t been there in about 12 years and we went in June of this year. It was great! Especially Morey’s Piers- everything was SO CLEAN, newly painted, and I had a blast with my 4 year old and my mother, sharing memories from my childhood. I was really surprised at just how nice it was. Sure, a lot of the old rides are gone, but some are still there and the new rides are great! I can’t wait to go back next summer.

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