It is Spock Vs. Spock Thanks To New Audi Commercial!

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto
I wouldn’t normally post a commercial for the new Audi S7 on the site but when said ad contains more than a few hilarious retro nods in regards to actor Leonard Nimoy’s music and Star Trek career I really felt I needed to share it. In this ad we have Zachary Quinto from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness film challenging Leonard Nimoy to see who gets to the country club first for a round of golf, loser has to buy lunch.
[Via] Audi of America

What do you think of the outcome of the bet? I say it’s exactly how it would go down.


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6 thoughts on “It is Spock Vs. Spock Thanks To New Audi Commercial!

  1. I’m not…. OK please no hate, but I’m not a Star Trek fan but I watched this the other day and it is pretty hilarious.

  2. The Cosmic Joker says:

    Man and here I thought geriatric Kirk vs. the Gorn ad for Star Trek: the Videogame was epic. This commercial really pulled out all the stops. Good job on making the geek community laugh until our insides are sliced and diced to shreds.

  3. I agree, friends! I thought the Bilbo song just pushed it to perfection and couldn’t stop laughing for like ten minutes. Bravo to whoever put this commercial together because they need to win an industry award. :)

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