Posing with the Burger King in the Early 1980s

Only once in my youth did I glimpse the Burger King in person and I did not get to interact with him. The adoring crowds were just too dense to get close. So I am very jealous of Jose “Joe” “Pepon” “Pepe” Garcia Rechani, who posted this image of himself posting with a mightily bearded Burger King back in what I would guess was the late 1970s or early 1980s.



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4 thoughts on “Posing with the Burger King in the Early 1980s

  1. Wow I thought for a moment we were getting our first glimpse of the Retroist (as a child) , but I do think that could be the Santa from A Christmas story on his side job.

  2. evellives says:

    Many things to note here: matching BK medallion & belt buckle; Woodward 79 shirt; large ring on BK’s left index finger; fake beard, mustache AND eyebrows; the photo looks like a pin-on button; and the fact that the BK looks about 19 years old! Great photo!

  3. Mr. Sweet says:

    What caption could we come up with for this? How about…..”Ever been to a Turkish prison?”

  4. Rick Doherty says:

    The kid in this photo looks like Joaquin Phoenix when he was on space camp. “Send max to BK!!!!”

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