The Mystery of “Dream Whip” Dessert Topping with Country Fresh Flavor


We had a package of Dream Whip in my family’s cabinets for years when I was growing up. I have no idea where it came from, but whenever I asked about it my Mother would tell me she did not like it. So I guess I should have asked, then why do we have it in the house? Eventually my sister threw it out and never has Dream Whip again shown its face in my home. I am more of a Reddi Whip fan, but I got to admit, after watching the commercials and thinking back on the memories of the mystery package, I am sort of curious. Maybe I will order a case and when I visit people’s home I will slip a box into their cabinet. That way, they too can be haunted by the riddle of the Dream Whip box.


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One thought on “The Mystery of “Dream Whip” Dessert Topping with Country Fresh Flavor

  1. I have a box in my cupboard right now for a Jell-O cake I’m making this week. Dream Whip is actually SUPER good. Like a cross between Cool Whip and frosting. Try it.

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