At J.C. Penney’s this VCR WAS $649.95. Now get it for the Bargain Price of $469.95!

When this tech was starting to drop in price, I would drool over them in the catalogs and dream of a day when my family would own one. According to the poster of this image, Rob Ketcherside, “This was on the back of a J.C. Penney credit payment bill envelope, stuck inside a vinyl copy of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence.” So I would have been drooling over technology tagged to the back of a bill.


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3 thoughts on “At J.C. Penney’s this VCR WAS $649.95. Now get it for the Bargain Price of $469.95!

  1. When I think of old VCRs I always remember the 1970s Columbo episode in which William Shatner’s character tells Columbo that his VCR cost him $3,000! I saw that episode during the 80s and was amazed that VCRs actually used to cost that much.

  2. My parents had that VCR when I was little. I can’t imagine them paying that much for it though, especially when they thought I was crazy spending $80 on a Blu-Ray player! Oh how times have changed!

  3. Dar says:

    I’m old enough to remember when we had those “analog buttons” vcr’s, the ones where you had to physically push down buttons to play/rewind/etc…, compete with an analog time. No remote, nothing digital in it.

    Good times.

    Oh, and those old units were very well-made, surviving heavy usage, unlike the plastic crap that was made in the 90’s.

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