The Sound-O-Power Astro-Gun by Marx

Sometimes called the Astrophaser, the Sound-O-Power Astro-Gun by Marx, was a super cool Ray Gun toy by Marx. It has great lines and good hand feel, but the real exciting thing about it were the crazy sounds. Nothing like a toy that makes electronic noises. They drove parents and siblings insane, while at the same time, made you the envy of the neighborhood.

I have not seen one since I was kid and the one I played with was third hand from a cousin who was “done with it”. The sound was a bit warped, but it still was pretty magical and I always keep my eyes open for a working model at garage sales.


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3 thoughts on “The Sound-O-Power Astro-Gun by Marx

  1. Roger H Smith says:

    Had one!! It was HUGE and molded in a obnoxious pinkish/orangish color. It took a single “D” cell battery which (get this) turned a plastic mini record of sorts which had a wire play arm that was hooked up to a plastic horn that functioned like a victrola sound horn. Completely etectro-mechanical with no electronics. I believed that little record had 4 different “blaster” sounds that were a tinny and a bit “warbly” sounding. Great memories! ?

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