Beat the Heat with a Six Pack of Coke for 99 Cents from Domino’s in 1988

In the 1980s, Domino’s opened up an outlet in my hometown. We had close to 10 pizza parlors in our town already and everyone thought it would never last, but through cheap prices and a constant barrage of coupons like this one from 1988, they managed to stay in business. I was in my hometown last year and that Domino’s is still there, same location and it looked busier than ever.


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One thought on “Beat the Heat with a Six Pack of Coke for 99 Cents from Domino’s in 1988

  1. Badwolf says:

    I CANNOT IMAGINE living in a place with normally excellent pizzerias (New Jersey, to be sure) how a place with such crummy pizza stays in business. People either have no clue, don’t care, or are too lazy to go to the pizzeria to get the pies themselves. There can be no other answer. Cheap isn’t really an answer, either. Why spend $6.99 on a pie when for $2-3 more you can get quality?

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