Are Cellphones the Wave of the Future?


In this special report from 1988, reporter Peter Anthony Holder checked into the viability and popularity of that newfangled rage, the portable cell phone and leaves us wondering…is this a practical invention or just a flash in the pan? My guess is that it will never last.


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9 thoughts on “Are Cellphones the Wave of the Future?

  1. Silver Fang says:

    They actually thought it was safer to use the phone while driving because the driver went more slowly? OMG!

  2. A few things to take away from this video:
    1) Paul Jean must have had a time machine because he was DEAD ON.
    2) Peter, the reporter, should have used that time machine to see the future regarding car accidents and cell phones…
    3) Love the hair.

  3. Brian says:

    One thing I’ve always found interesting is that many sci-fi novels and movies before the mid-80’s or so completely missed cell phones in their version of the future. Themes like space travel (and even civilians in space), robots and drones (especially drones), video calling, general dystopia (a very common theme going back to HG Wells’ Time Machine at least), and even networked computers were things that were depicted in sci-fi and futuristic novels and movies back before the Depression. Even William Gibson, the man who coined the term ‘cyberspace’, missed it – Neuromancer (written in the mid 70’s) has a scene where a bank of pay telephones are ringing. However, Star Trek TOS was one that came close with their little communicator thing though and the Dick Tracy comics with his watch was on the right track as well. Even Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone may have been more believable if it wasn’t a rotary phone.

  4. “Cell phones in cars actually make things safer because people drive slower while on the phone. ” What a pile of horse shit, even for 1988.

  5. Peter sure likes the word “yuppy”. He must have said that word a couple dozen times.

    As was already mentioned, Paul Jean was dead on especially about the size and weight of cell phones ten years later (1998 when I got my first cell phone) and about people using it for emergency calls.

  6. plcary says:

    Remember when Jethro on the Beverly Hillbilly’s installed a mobile phone in their car?

  7. Dar says:

    Brian says:
    “One thing I’ve always found interesting is that many sci-fi novels and movies before the mid-80?s or so completely missed cell phones in their version of the future.”

    To be fair, one can explain it away by saying there was no need for it’s use within the time-frame of the movie.

    In the case of movies like “Blade Runner’ and other such sci-fi films, it could be argued that the dystopian world shown has had its cell phone netowrks decayed beyond repair.

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