Beware The Spider Game (1980)


Image courtesy of Robohara.Com

Image courtesy of Robohara.Com

A big thanks to Butch r Cleaver’s comment on the Godilla game post a couple of days ago as well as Chris X’s recollections on the fear of playing Beware the Spider for making me track down this 1980 game by Ideal.

I never have played Beware the Spider myself but after visiting Board Game Geek I was able to find out the details of the game. Using a metal prong the players must try and remove a trapped animal in the web of the spider, by touching the web with the prong the spider will leap forward at the player. The player will then have to replace the animal they were trying to collect, the winner of the game is the player with the most animals.

[Via] TV Days

Update: It looks like the esteemed Doug McCoy figured out the name of the game and provided a link to the TV commercial shortly after my comment on the Godzilla post. Thank you, friend!

7 Responses to Beware The Spider Game (1980)

  1. Rob O'Hara says:

    If you want this one let me kn0w — it’s collecting dust out in my garage.

  2. iPadCary says:

    Nice to see the IDEAL logo again …. ????

  3. MadPlanet says:

    Wow – it’s like Operation except the patient is a zombie and sits up to bite you instead of just lighting up his nose! I think I vaguely remember this commercial.

  4. VicSage says:

    Rob, I would love to buy that game from you!

    MadPlanet, you do realize you’ve just stumbled across your Million-Dollar idea game, right? My friend, I think you need to start planning and jump over to Kickstarter immediately! :)

  5. Chris X says:

    well thanks for bringing back my nightmares, hahahaha

  6. MadPlanet says:

    Vic, nah – I’m just the idea man. Far too lazy for anything else. :)

  7. skip lange says:

    Rob – Is it still available?

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