1970s McDonaldland Book Cover

Every year during school I would get my text books bring them home and then proceed to cut out paper bags to use as covers for those books. I liked the plain covers. You could draw on them and sort of make them your own. Of course, I would have traded everyone of my finest book cover drawings for just one of these early 1970s McDonaldland Book Covers.


[via] Waffle Whiffer


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4 thoughts on “1970s McDonaldland Book Cover

  1. Yeah, whoa, what is going on with Grimace?!

    I remember having to cover all my books, too. My favorite was using KFC bags so I could look at the Col. all day.

  2. Early McDonaldland, with four-armed Grimace (was he still Evil Grimace here?) and the old-man Hamburglar. Would this be before the settlement with the Krofft brothers?

  3. Grimace was both good & still 4-armed for a short time. However, since he’s depicted here as carrying armloads of milkshakes, I suspect he’s still in his evil (milkshake stealing) phase.

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