Batman and Superman want you to watch a Brand New show called Sesame Street

In 1969, a new show was about to premier and the super hero world was buzzing with excitement. If you ask me, no one is going to watch something called “Sesame Street”. It will never last.

Kidding aside, this ad is kind of odd. Why are they also on the TV? Are they watching themselves advertise Sesame Street? Shouldn’t Sesame Street be on the TV? Were we supposed to think that they would be on Sesame Street? So many questions and no answers.


[via] Cosmo Lutz


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2 thoughts on “Batman and Superman want you to watch a Brand New show called Sesame Street

  1. The Cosmic Joker says:

    Superman and Batman on Sesame Street? Would perhaps Metallo, Bain, Clayface, Calender Man, The Clock King, Brainiac, or even Roxy Rocket pop in for a bit of fun mayhem?

  2. Dar says:

    This is really great.

    Sometimes one forgets that yes there was a time when there was no Sesame Street on tv.

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