Have You Seen William Shatner in “This Was America”


I had never heard of “This Was America” before stumbling upon this Shatner video on YouTube last night. This seemed to be a pretty well put together educational series that is right up my alley. Not sure why I never picked it up, but now I need to find out more about it. Anyone ever seen it before? Have more info?


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One thought on “Have You Seen William Shatner in “This Was America”

  1. I’ve never heard of it before, but a bit of googling indicates that it was a 6 part miniseries & it seems to have only aired once (either of these facts alone would explain why few people saw/remember it). Both this episode & the sea one are available for free viewing on the peabody awards site, though I can’t find any trace (even titles) of any of the other 4 episodes. This site has the most info so far: http://more-shatner.livejournal.com/261914.html

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