The Price is Right at Night?


Sounds familiar right? It seems that The Price is Right ran intermittently at night at times. The one I remember though was one in the mid-1980s, when their was a short-lived night time version of the show. It ran a too short September 9, 1985 – September 5, 1986. It was hosted by Tom Kennedy who had quite a game show resume. He was also involved with You Don’t Say!, Split Second and Name That Tune. I am not sure why it didn’t take off at the time. My family loved it, me in particular, since I was addicted to Price is Right and would miss it because of school. I have yet to catch it in reruns anywhere, but a few clips have made it online to remind me of what I am missing.

Do you remember The Price is Right at Night? How about earlier/later incarnations? Would you watch Drew Carey version at night?


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3 thoughts on “The Price is Right at Night?

  1. GrandPunkTrainwreck says:

    I remember they used to have an evening “Price Is Right” in the 70s. During the summer, maybe? Long time ago, can’t really remember now, lol. But I’m pretty sure it ran with an evening version of “Match Game” called “Match Game PM”. It would be nice to see an evening “Price Is Right” as a summer replacement show again. Even better if they brought back “Match Game PM” with it!!

  2. I remember seeing this once at my Grandmother’s during the summer of `85 or `86. I think it was on a Friday night and sort of liked it but felt it was too short. I only saw it once but I never forgot it.

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