Todd the Eighteen Friends Action Figure

Todd was his name. Hanging out and with GI Joe and not being played with much was his game. I had not thought about Eighteen Friends in a long time. I didn’t even know that was their name. What I did remember is that a friend of mine had this very figure in his collection and none of us had any idea what he was or what he came from. Still, he was an action figure, so he made it into the pile when we were playing GI Joe.

Todd was purely a background player when we got out the Joes, but I think we interpreted his outfit as a karate outfit. So I think he saw some action.

[via] bluwmongoose


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10 thoughts on “Todd the Eighteen Friends Action Figure

  1. These are hysterical. Cant say that I ever had one but I hear you when you say that you used to mix toy lines. Gi Joe and Star wars frequently crossed over during my youth along with some BattleStar Galactica to boot. He-Man toys often entered the squared circle of the WWF wrestlers from time to time as well. They were the they simply better to wrestle with than the clumsy LJN WWF wrestling figures with zero Articulation.

    The Eighteen Friends choice of attire is very suspect. Plus any toy that one of its drawing cards is the fact that it is Handsome was clearly not designed for inclusion in the ranks of the Joes. However when your “jumpsuit” doubles for a Karate uniform you ca even fool the military!

    Todd is great..LOL..Great Post Retro!

  2. I wish any of my favorite action figures would have been comfortable enough in their sexuality to sport a pink one-piece pajama that was permanently open to the waist. Think of how comfy they would have been to lounge around in Castle Greyskull or the Joe HQ.

  3. Whooah..LOL That packaging is unbelievable. There is NO WAY these were meant to be taken serious! These are clearly a toy maker just having fun to see if anyone is paying attention.

    Come on em up…!! There are all “Friends and you cant just buy one!

  4. The Cosmic Joker says:

    For some reason this guy reminds me of Ken from “Toy Story 3.” It could be the low-cut V-neck pajamas.

  5. I don’t know which is worse, the guy in the pink onesie or the guy in the leather chaps & vest but nothing else. At least the other guy can claim he was swimming, although I wonder how much they charged kids for those 2 tiny pieces of cloth. (Although those would make a great outfit for barbie, just tiny shorts & a towel over her neck, not quite covering her naked breasts.)

  6. Vanessa says:

    This is Fabulous! With a capital F. Wonder if it was marketed to boys or girls?It would be great to find advertising copy for these.

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