Behind The Scenes: Batman (1966)

Image courtesy of Ain't It Cool News and Decaying Hollywood Mansions.

Image courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News and Decaying Hollywood Mansions.

Check out this great behind the scenes photo of Adam West as Batman from the classic 1966 film. I like Batman. I like Batman a lot. I’m no Batmantologist like the famed Chris Sims or anything but the Caped Crusader was certainly one of my earliest heroes. I also have no problem declaring my love for the campy 1966 theatrical film, it’s one of the reason I constantly carry Shark repellant on my belt…you just never know when you might need it.

A big thanks to Quint over at Ain’t It Cool News as well as to Decaying Hollywood Mansion for supplying the image.


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7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Batman (1966)

  1. “Penguin, Joker, Riddler… and Catwoman, too! The sum of the angles of that rectangle is too monstrous to contemplate!” :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Somehow this movie carries a distant memory of disappointment with it.
    I think it’s due to the fact I had watched the TV show as a wee one, loving every minute of it (my Camp Detector was nary a glint in some distant mid-80s imaginary engineer’s eye).

    But the movie failed to bring some sort of Gravitas to the dynamic duo that I just *knew* existed – amidst the quips, ‘blammos’ and and colored ‘staches.

    Maybe Disney’s talking animal movies had set me up as a four-year-old movie critic to expect heroic moments to call cheers and applause from even the most comical of story settings.

    Batman The Movie just didn’t seem to care.
    And the Shark Repellant moment sealed the deal.
    The groans that mixed in with the laughter, when I caught this at a matinee years after it came out, just made my heart sink.
    Heck, even the Flipper movie had better moments.

    Nowadays, I’ve a softer eye on that 60s gem. I still miss the real Catwoman, the ‘Bomb’ moment still makes me cringe, and I miss the cliff-hanger endings of the series, but hey! whatcha gonna do?

    It’s still a fun ride with fun people wearing fun outfits and still one classy Batmobile.
    The original, the real one.
    I can see it peeking from behind in that pic.

  3. Charlton Hero says:

    The Batman movie my kids and I have watched literally more than 50 times. I do understand the mild disappointment with the film as it was a little long for me on my first viweing as a kud plus alot of downtime in the movie. Overall I think we are all better off that it existed than not ,so I have fond memories of this baby..

  4. Atari, I have quite a few friends that see the movie as you do as I also have friends who think this is the best Batman movie…EVER. I find that I fall in the middle, I really enjoy watching it but my vision of Batman is probably closest to what we see in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm animated film. :)

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, I didn’t carry that recollection of my first ‘thumbs-down’ as a rating for the movie in the grown-up Batfan era of my life, but it’s funny how that memory comes back, everytime the movie pops into mind.

    There’s so much to enjoy about the ’66 Batman, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it, only I find it an intriguing notion to recall my kid-self being so opinionated about a kid’s movie.

    I do enjoy how the animated Batman of late has brought his adventures back in my life in a way that doesn’t require years of waiting between movies.
    That ‘Batman Under The Red Hood’ was as good and serious about the Caped Crusader as any movie.
    And I gotta revisit Mask of the Phantasm, now that you’ve mentioned it.

    But lastly – I don’t dislike Batman The Movie one bit! It’s as much a snapshot of my childhood years as any Polaroids from an album.
    But an early disappointment as a budding, big screen little movie fan (it played better on TV later on, anyway).
    Of course, after all this talk…I gotta queue it up and pop me some Batcorn.

  6. Atari, I found out through this post my Wife hadn’t actually seen the 1966 film so I played it on Netflix this afternoon. She found it to be one of the silliest films I’ve shown her…though thankfully she singled out Frank Gorshin’s Riddler performance and the obvious “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb” line as being her favorites.

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