It is Hard to Smuggle White Castle Hamburgers Cross Country


When I moved away from the East Coast, I thought one of the things I would miss a lot was White Castle Hamburgers. I guess I grew up with commercials like the one below. I was so concerned that I ate there twice on the week I was moving away. My fear was overblown and as it turns out they sell these little gems in the supermarket. They are not as good as when you get them fresh, but I think they might be superior to the ones you get after a 6+hour plane ride.


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2 thoughts on “It is Hard to Smuggle White Castle Hamburgers Cross Country

  1. RetroArt says:

    First off, “Thanks”, now I HAVE to go to White Castle for lunch today!
    What’s great about the Retroist blog is the information I pick up:
    -White Castle doesn’t exist, I assume, west of the Mississippi River.
    -And i learned from an earlier post that The Jack In The Box chain STILL exists- everywhere but in my NJ/NY area.

    Anybody want to do a FedEx trade- $20 worth of White Castle burgers for Jack In The Box fare?

  2. My Dad grew up in Chicago and on White Castle burgers. Growing up in Oklahoma, we visited Chicago once a year and having White Castles was always a treat. The closest White Castle to me is in St. Louis, so if we leave Oklahoma around 6am on our way to Chicago, we hit St. Louis right around lunch time and have White Castles for lunch. It’s a long standing tradition for our family. The other long standing tradition is that whoever goes to Chicago has to stop and buy White Castles in St. Louis on the way home for whoever didn’t get to go to Chicago. I don’t know if you have ever had warm White Castles in your car for six hours, but let’s just say at some point during that trip the windows get rolled down.

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