The Secret Life of The Fonz


This seemed to have been done as joke for Anime Abandon, but I totally would have watched a show called “The Secret Life of The Fonz”. It would make sense that he has magical adventures, since he does seem to have almost mystical powers over women and machines. It seems like a missed opportunity for a one season Saturday Morning classic.


[via] Andrew Dickman

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  1. Drahken says:

    They actually did come close. “The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang”. It was an animated spinoff based on happy days, and it included a talking dog, a girl from the future, and the lot of them hopping around in a time machine.

  2. Drahken says:

    The OP for the show even shows them encountering dinosaurs & ghostly knights:

  3. The Cosmic Joker says:

    @Drahken The Fonz never had his own television show although he did cameos a few times in the Laverne and Shirley cartoon, which had its own talking pig. I think that quite possibly could count as a secret life of mystical mystery.

  4. Drahken says:

    He didn’t have a solo show, but he did feature prominently in the happy days show I mentioned & posted the opening to. It was only AFTER that show that he was added to the laverne & shirley in the army cartoon.

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