I Ate Crazy Cow Cereal just for the Star Wars Cards


I had no recollection of every buying or eating Crazy Cow Cereal. Then a few days ago someone sends me a link to this box and I see the Star Wars card and taste and smell memories instantly return. What do I now remember about Crazy Cow? I remember not liking it all, but gritting my teeth and begging for it while this Star Wars card offer was running. I think I also ate the stuff in Strawberry flavor.


[via] Jason B

3 Responses to I Ate Crazy Cow Cereal just for the Star Wars Cards

  1. Pop Rewind says:

    That hits close to home– I choked down Alphabets cereal for Animaniacs POGs. Slightly less cool, but I had to play if off like I enjoyed eating Alphabets or else my mom would stop buying it and I wouldn’t get all the POGs… and then that was all she ever bought:(

  2. sjgeek89 says:

    I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure those are the same cards I got with wonder bread.

  3. plcary says:

    Who among us hasn’t force fed ourselves some horrible cereal in exchange for a cool prize?!

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