Tomy’s Goin’ Ape

Tomy not only produced the Strolling Bowling game we all loved, but it also produced a set of simple, wind-up, T.H.I.N.G.S.-like games called Skill Squares. There were many great Skill Squares (including Rescue Copter), but one of the best was Goin’ Ape.
Not to be confused with the Tony Danza movie of the same name, Goin’ Ape was a little game in which you tried to knock colored balls into the looped arms of a swinging monkey. If successful, the monkey would drop the balls into a bin on the other side of the square. You could then rate yourself by the categories listed on the back of the square.
I unfortunately couldn’t find any video or other pictures of Goin’ Ape anywhere, but this one is still for sale on Ebay!


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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5 thoughts on “Tomy’s Goin’ Ape

  1. plcary says:

    I loved all those Tomy games and had a few of them. Never saw this one though, it’s pretty cool.

  2. I had this particular Tomy game, though sadly not anymore. I’ll agree with Plcary about the love for these handheld games, they made not paying attention in school far easier. :)

  3. Yeah, for some reason I remember playing these in school, though I’m not sure why. They weren’t even close to as concealable as a Game Boy.

  4. Doug, perhaps our teachers were distracted by the fact they were called Skill Squares? Though I can recall the way our desks were made back in my youth, it allowed for one to look like they were reading the text book while actually looking down at the opening in the middle where once could hide a Tomy game or perhaps the latest issue of X-Men versus the Fantastic Four. :)

  5. vinvectrex says:

    Nice one, Doug. We had this game, and I had totally forgotten it until seeing it here. Thanks for the memory!

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