1976 Mego “King Kong’s Last Stand” TV Commercial

King Kong - Mego Model
It seems at the time of the 1976 release of the Dino De Laurentiis produced King Kong film, the Mego toy corporation decided to throw their hat into the ring of model making with two model kits based on scenes from the film. They were “Kong on Monster Island” which our friends over at the Mego Musuem report was never released and “Kong’s Last Stand” which they say was not only widely available but in 1980 many sealed cases were uncovered in Toronto!

[Via] Vintage TV Commercials

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2 thoughts on “1976 Mego “King Kong’s Last Stand” TV Commercial

  1. DrNobody says:

    I’m slightly too young to remember this… But I did purchase a Kong figure from the recent remake and put it together with a 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building…

  2. DrNobody, I missed that puzzle, my friend! I was able to pick up a few things thankfully and one of my favorites is just a cheap candy toy that resembles and old movie projector, you looking into the eyepiece and can see like 7 pieces of art from the film.

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