Remco’s 1975 Star Trek ‘Phaser Gun’ Toy!

Star Trek Phaser Gun - Remco -1975
Sadly I was a bit too young when Remco released their Star Trek Phaser Gun to the toy shelves back in the day. The Phaser Gun was a 8″long plastic gun with the Star Trek name branded on it and was able to project three images thanks to the ‘Beam Discs’ and would emit an electronic chirp sound when you pulled the trigger. Sadly I couldn’t find a commercial for the original release of the toy but thanks to the Mego Museum I am able to share the TV ad for the second Phaser Gun toy set that while sticks to the idea of a flashlight ‘gun’ it adds an improvement.


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4 thoughts on “Remco’s 1975 Star Trek ‘Phaser Gun’ Toy!

  1. Dan says:

    Man I had one of those along with a tricorder. Loved both of them. The phaser was a bit huge, but I enjoyed it all the same.

  2. Dan, you were a lucky kid! Was it basically just a big old flashlight with sound effects like it sounds in the descriptions I found?

  3. plcary says:

    Vic, I also had that first phaser gun and had many hours of fun with it. It projected one of 3 ship images including the Enterprise. It made some really cool sounds that were perfect for annoying an older sibling. I think it had a little compartment in it that you could store things in.

  4. Plcary, yeah you are right about that secret compartment, I failed to put that in the post but you could store items in the top of the phaser, the back of it I believe. With your luck at finding awesome stuff in those treasure troves of flea markets…keep an eye out for me would you? :)

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