Huey Lewis and Weird Al Celebrate The 30th Anniversary of “Sport”!

Huey Lewis - Funny or Die
Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic have teamed up to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Sport” with this video from Funny or Die. The two-minute video show us a quiet moment with Al in Huey’s apartment…then things get dark when Huey begins to discuss the merits of American Psycho.

A big thanks to Evan Saathoff of Badass Digest for the heads up on the video!

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5 thoughts on “Huey Lewis and Weird Al Celebrate The 30th Anniversary of “Sport”!

  1. Great post Vic. I was able to see Huey this past summer when he came near my home outside of Niagara Falls. I really hope he comes again this year for a 30th anniversary tour. Love the news.

  2. I hear you, Justin. I can recall sitting in the Razorback Theatre watching this and possibly there was ten other people in the auditorium with me. I’m not quite sure why more people haven’t seen the film, especially with Christian Bale’s popularity boost after Batman Begins.

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